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Room LIB 121

Basic Information

Room Type
Conference Room
Scheduled By
Supported By
Library controlled events room. This room is "Zoom ready" and has a USB cable presenters can use to tap in to the room's camera and mic system.

Computer Ports & Adapters

In this room you can connect your computer via HDMI. A usb-c to HDMI adapter is provided in the room. Older computers without USB-C and without HDMI built-in can check out an adapter from Academic Technology in LIB 80.

If your computer has... Adapter for HDMI
HDMI — None —
USB-C — None —
Mini DisplayPort MiniDP to HDMI

Audio & Visual Equipment

A/V Equipment In Room? Notes
LCD Projector
HDMI A usb-c to HDMI adapter is provided in the room. Older computers without USB-C and without HDMI built-in can check out an adapter from Academic Technology in LIB 80.

Mic Microphone equipped rooms have in-room amplification
Doc Cam
Zoom Enabled

Presenting in the Library Events room

The library events room (LIB 121) is equipped with a flat panel television at the front of the room and two projectors at the side of the room. By default, all three displays show the same thing but can be used independently if needed. The flat panel television is the primary display and should be the display used if only one display is needed as all of the room controls are tied to this display.

Note: After your event, please make sure all of the displays are powered off and the wireless mics are back in their charging stand.

Connecting a computer and turning on the display

  1. Plug your computer in to the HDMI cable located at the front of the room near the main control panel. If your computer does not have an HDMI connection you will need an adapter. The HDMI cable is the one with the blue and gray connector, shown below.
  2. Press the On button on the panel. The system may take a few seconds to power on.
  3. Make sure Laptop is selected on the panel. The button will illuminate when it it selected. If it's already selected, you do not need to select it again.
  4. Volume control for the laptop audio is on the main panel's volume control on a knob labelled Main

The main TV will turn on and display the image from the computer connected to the HDMI cable.

Using the side projectors to mirror the front display

In certain room configurations, it is helpful to have the side projectors display what is on the main screen so everyone in the room is able to see the presentation. The projectors on the side project onto screens that are retractable. If the screens are not down already you may need to lower them. Note that the front display needs to be turned on first before continuing to the side projectors.
  1. If the screens are not already down, press the down control on the switch panel between the two projector screens on the orange wall.
  2. Press the power On button on the panel on the orange wall. Note that each projector has its own power button.
The side projectors should now display the same image as the front display.

Using the wireless microphones

The wireless microphones are located on a small table at the front of the room underneath the television. The microphones provide in-room amplification as well as audio to any connected zoom sessions.
  1. Take a microphone from the stand.
  2. To unmute the microphone, press the button on the front of the mic. The light will flash green when it's unmuted and red if it's muted.
  3. The volume control is on the front panel on a knob labelled Mic.

Using the in-room Zoom equipment

LIB 121 is Zoom enabled, which means it contains equipment you can plug into your computer in order to run a Zoom session. Note that you will need to provide your own computer if you are conducting a Zoom session, and the computer will need to be at the front of the room in order to connect to the provided USB cable.
  1. Connect your computer to the main display as directed in the first steps at the top of the tutorial
  2. Plug in the USB cable to your computer. If your computer does not have any USB A ports, you will need a USB C to A adapter.
  3. Open the Zoom application and start your meeting
  4. In the sound menu (the arrow next to the microphone icon), select "Scarlett Solo" audio device as your audio input. This will connect your computer to the wireless mics in the room.
  5. In the video menu (the arrow next to the camera icon), select "PTZ Optics" as your camera. This will connect your computer to the camera located on the center pillar of the room.
Note: To move the camera you will need to use the camera's remote. You may need to request the remote from the library staff who opens the room for you.

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