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Room FA 117

Icon of microscope This is a Lab type room. Select the Software/Equipment tab below to view additional information about any computers, software, and/or lab equipment in this room.

Basic Information

Room Type
Lab - Teaching Lab
Fine Arts
Scheduled By
Supported By
Academic Technology
Support Information
For more information about this room, contact Academic Technology at or via phone at (415)405-5555

Computer Ports & Adapters

In this room, you can connect your computer to HDMI ports. Make sure you have the right adapter(s) before coming to class. Please note that the adapters in this table are just examples. Adapters vary by brand, color, shape, etc.

If your computer has... Adapter for HDMI
Mini DisplayPort MiniDP to HDMI
HDMI — None —
VGA — None —

Audio & Visual Equipment

A/V Equipment In Room? Notes
LCD Projector
HDMI Computers without a built-in HDMI port will require an adapter. You can reserve one by calling (415)405-5555 or emailing Please include the model number of your computer so you can be matched with the appropriate adapter.

Doc Cam
Zoom Enabled
Select the Software/Equipment tab at the top of the page to view additional information about any computers, software, and/or lab equipment in this room.

Software/Equipment in this room

Configuration: iMac 19,2

Hardware: 2 iMac


Developer Title Version
Adobe Adobe Acrobat 21.011.20039
Adobe Adobe After Effects 2022 22.1.1
Adobe Adobe Animate 2022 22.0.2
Adobe Adobe Audition 2022 22.1.1
Adobe Adobe Bridge 2022
Adobe Adobe Bridge CS6
Adobe Adobe Character Animator 2022 22.1.1
Adobe Adobe Dimension 3.4.5
Adobe Adobe Encore CS6 6.0.0
Adobe Adobe Illustrator 2022 26.0.2
Adobe Adobe InCopy 2022
Adobe Adobe InDesign 2022
Adobe Adobe Lightroom CC 2.2.1
Adobe Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 8.2.1
Adobe Adobe Media Encoder 2022 22.1.1
Adobe Adobe Photoshop 2022 23.1.1
Adobe Adobe Prelude 2022 22.1.1
Adobe Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 22.1.2
Adobe Adobe Premiere Rush 2.0
Adobe Adobe XD
Maxon Cinema 4D 22.0
Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App
Mozilla Firefox 91.7.1
Microsoft Microsoft Excel 16.58.22021501
Microsoft Microsoft OneNote 16.58.22021501
Microsoft Microsoft Outlook 16.58.22021501
Microsoft Microsoft PowerPoint 16.58.22021501
Microsoft Microsoft Word 16.58.22021501
Microsoft OneDrive 21.129.0627
Zoom Zoom 5.9.6 (4993)
Adobe Acrobat Distiller 21.005.20058
The R Foundation R R 3.6.1 GUI 1.70 El Capitan build
Adobe Brackets 1.14.0
InVision InVision Studio 1.22.1
Adobe Adobe Dreamweaver 2022 20.2
Configuration: iMac 19,1

Hardware: 1 iMac

Config Bundle: iMac19,1